Our History

The Presbyterian Church of Dunmore, A brief history --

Until 1825, Dunmore was little more than a frontier town at the intersection of two roads - one leading to the settlement at Wyoming, PA and the other through the Providence section to Montrose and north to Binghamton. Coal had been discovered in Carbondale in 1814 and the completion of the "Gravity Railroad" through Dunmore in 1849 provided new employment opportunities in the area. At the same time, coal was discovered in Dunmore and mining began in earnest. People were moving into the area. Residents were using the little red schoolhouse on N. Blakely St. to hold non-denominational worship services.

The nearest formal church was an organized Presbyterian Church in the Providence section and the only means of transportation was by foot or horseback. Thus, in February 1854, a group of interested individuals met to consider forming a Presbyterian Church in Dunmore. The charter was granted on April 4, 1854 and a building constructed on property donated by landowner, Mr. Edward Spencer.

By 1888, this congregation, known as The First Presbyterian Church of Dunmore, had increased in size to a point where the building was inadequate, and plans were made to erect a larger building on the same size. The larger building incorporated the original building in its plans and the work was completed in 1892. The congregation was the first of the Triune Congregation.

In 1903, a group of Italian immigrants had been meeting in Scranton, with services being conducted in their native tongue. In 1911 their Pastor, Rev. D'Anna, requested the First Presbyterian Church of Dunmore to allow the Italian residents in Dunmore to conduct worship services in the church. Permission ws granted and the services were held there using the Italian dialect until 1922, when the Italian congregants erected a church buidling on Calvin Street. The congregants continued as a mission church of The First Presbyterian Church of Dunmore for a short period of time but soon incorporated and became known as The Second Presbyterian Church of Dunmore. This congregation was eventually to become another member of the Triune Congregation. After a period of declining membership, in 1958 The Second Presbyterian Church of Dunmore merged with the First Presbyterian Church of Dunmore and the merged congregations took on the name of The Presbyterian Church of Dunmore, PA. Similarly, on January 1, 2000 the congregation of the Christ Church merged with the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Dunmore, PA. The name: The Presbyterian Church of Dunmore, PA was retained.

Thus it is, that three congregations which had their beginnings in Dunmore with the help of Pastors and officials from Presbyterian Churches in Dunmore, were finally reunited at the beginning of the 21st century. Taking one hundred years to evolve, the Triune Church, known now as The Presbyterian Church of Dunmore, PA, serves a congregation with varied ethnic backgrounds and cultures. During the twentieth century, this church played an influential role in the settlement and development of the Borough of Dunmore. Members of the church were influential in establishing the Dunmore Cemetery. Members have served and died in the service of their country during major conflicts. Members of the congregations have taken on pastoral and missionary responsibilities both at home and in foreign lands; both in time of war and in time of peace. Members of the congregation and members of the clergy, have served in local political offices. Music has always been an important part of the services, and several persons have taken formal training as organists and now serve congregations in other churches. With the help and blessing of our God may we continue to carry on his work.

May the light that was kindled back in 1854 continue to shine and bear witness in the years to come.