Ministers Message




Someone gave me a daily devotional calendar called “Spirit Boosters for the Journey of Aging”.


The following one is one that especially spoke to me this month: “Look around you. Do you know another older adult who is struggling with a worn-out body? Someone who is lonely? Someone who needs a big dose of courage? Inspire others through the way you are facing the challenges of aging.”


I thought about a friend with MS and how she meets each day with a smile. Another friend who thrives on a limited income. Another friend I visit in a nursing home, who staff come in to tell her she is their sunshine.


Each of these friends are great prayer warriors and affirm II Timothy 1: 7 – “God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self discipline.”


Some thoughts on prayer:

--without the Holy Spirit, our prayers are as lifeless as a body without a soul, as ineffective as an arrow without a bow.” Herbert Locker


--He answered prayers -- not in the way I sought, nor in the way that I thought He ought, but in His own good way, and I could see He answered in the fashion best for me.” Unknown


--“Prayer is Heaven’s telephone line which is free to all, always available , never out of order. The line, however must always be used with reverence.” Herbert Locker


--“Prayer is the pulse of life; by it the doctor can tell what is the condition of the heart.” Andrew Murray


--“Spread out your petition before God, and then say, “Thy will, not mine, be done.” The sweetest lesson I have learned in God’s school is to let the Lord choose for me.”

                                                                                Dwight L Moody



                       Rev. Tanner