From the Pastor

Rev. Anne Marie Meyerhoffer

Pentecost Greetings!

It is always a bit un-nerving to walk into a new town as a stranger. Thoughts go through one’s head such as – “How will I fit in? Will they accept me? How many times will I get lost in Dunmore? How will I get to know members during this pandemic and self-isolation? Will they be patient or forgive my mistakes?” I’m thankful for the welcome from the people of this church for you have relieved me of those fears.

Last month I moderated my first DPC Session meeting (with mask and proper distance, of course). We agreed to work together as God leads us and to disagree in love. My first month with you also included funerals of two beloved long-time members of this church ~ Norma Mecca and Sara Martinello (also used Martinelli). Although a difficult time to meet new people, I officiated at these graveside services with immediate family members and recalled the essence of our faith, “I am the resurrection and the life.” I look forward to our worship service on November 1st, when we will celebrate All Saints’ Sunday; this congregation will give thanks together for these saints and other members who died since last All Saints’ Day.

My presence as your Interim Pastor (also called Transitional Pastor) is a sign of change. A new chapter is beginning in the history of this congregation. We celebrate our past but always with an eye looking forward. I encourage you to share with me how DPC is vital to your life and to Dunmore – your joys, disappointments, ideas for future.

I pray that in this month of June there will be visible signs of our faith in God, our trust of one another, our hope in the future.

With joy & hope, 

Rev. Anne Marie 

 Rev. Anne Marie Meyerhoffer

  July 2020  
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