May 2019   
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Pastor: Rev. Ken Forbes, Pastor


The Importance of Ash Wednesday –


On March 6th, we will celebrate Ash Wednesday with a service at 7:30 PM. Folks this is the beginning of the Lenten Season – take it seriously. The Presbyterian Church has had these services since the late 1970’s after much soul-searching by Protestants and Presbyterians. If you get a chance read Psalm 51:1-17. This is a Psalm that deserves to be sung through our 40 day journey in Lent. If it was put to music, blues-style gospel with its tension between harmony and discord would be most appropriate; for it would express the tension in this Psalm between sin and salvation. Thomas A. Dorsey, the great writer of blues and jazz wrote a hymn that professed this tension. When mourning the death of his wife and new born son he said: “God you arent worth a dime to me right now! Later in a few days, Dorsey wrote both the words and music to the hymn: “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.”

Psalm 51 is a confession of sin that explores the deepest reaches of human guilt. It is also a prayer for joy, as the Psalmist on the road of forgiveness walks on tiptoes to touch God’s salvation. These words are said in the assurance of a God whose unwavering love cleanses us from any wrong. The Psalmist proclaims a gracious God, who, like a master potter, remolds us, recreates us, and puts a right spirit within us.

On this Ash Wednesday night, March 6th, marked with ashes (it’s optional) we continue our journey with God. Our walk of faith is a sacred tension made into a spiritual reality. Our walk is toward Jesus Christ, yet our destination is the entrance to an empty tomb on Easter, beside which stands a large round stone that has been rolled aside. Ash Wednesday is the beginnng of this journey – come to the service on March 6th and let us begin the Lenten journey together.

Faithfully, Pastor Ken