January 2019   
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Pastor: Rev. Ken Forbes, Pastor


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sharing with other Christians is the 2nd mark of Communion.  It is here, we get in touch with those who believe in Christ as we do. This is a social meeting. At the Communion table we are with Christ’s Spirit as individuals, but we are also here with others in a common bond of faith and love for Christ. We are a community of believers in Christ binded together by the presence of the Spirit of Christ in our lives. If we are partners with Christ, then we should be partners with each other on a daily basis as much as we can. So keep in touch with each other because we all go through good times and bad.

Helping each other out, when the other or others need help.  Listening to a sister or brother inChrist in person or on the phone is important whne they need an attentive ear.  If we are truly partners with each other on a daily basis, then we are goin to strengthen and unify our partnership with Jesus Christ.  In turn, we'll be strengthening and unifying our church.

Friends, we have been gathered together as a congregation by the power of God's Holy Spirit.  We have been attracted to Christ, as metal filings are to a magnet.  We are now bonded together as God has brought us from various backgrounds.  We have the same Master in the person of Jesus Christ.  We truly are blood-sisters and brothers through the blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

We all come together at this table having a bond in Christ, wanting to be partners with Christ, but are we willing to be partners with each other daily, when you leave this Supper today?  Ask yourselves that question.