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Pastor: Rev. Ken Forbes

Don’t Be Afraid

In Genesis 15:1, God says: “Do not be afraid Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” Of all the words God has spoken to me over the years, “Don’t be afraid” have to be the most frequent. I know that it is God when I hear those words in the very depths of my soul. As Scripture says: “Perfect love casts out fear,” so I have come to recognize that it is God who is speaking, when those words calm me down.

At times, I usually fear something in my life. Airplanes, trains and auto vehicles (includes SUV’s and trucks) seem to crash all around us periodically. People I know and love get sick and die. Friends and family members get divorced. Children are abused regularly according to the paper. At times, it seems to be a dark and frightening world and there’s a lot of random gun violence. “Don’t be afraid” echoes in my soul nearly every day. Though fear frequently overtakes me, I am usually not afraid for long. I know deep in my heart that God is in control. Even if I should make a mess of things, even if something terrible occurs, I do believe that the Lord our God will be able to accomplish his ends. I believe God will never forget me, although there have been times I’ve wondered if he did.

Like a Mother whose child is nursing at her breast, I don’t think God could ever forget me or you. I am not trusting in myself, nor in my government to protect me; I am learning to trust God, and because I am - I’m at peace.

The Lord my God will be my shield – let God be yours as well.


                                                                                Pastor Ken

  December 2019  
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