January 2019   
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Pastor: Rev. Ken Forbes

           A woman I know was busy on Thanksgiving morning in her kitchen. All the burners on her electric stove were busy with potatoes, gravy and green beans. You could smell the scents of roasting turkey from the oven. This woman and her daughter were preparing for family to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner around noon-time. Music played from her CD player. This woman hummed along as she stirred the gravy. She said to her daughter: “ I love my Thanksgiving mix and listening to my favorite hymns on this holiday.. Her daughter checked the turkey and said: “Mom you know you could play that music on other days.” She laughed and said: “I know, but I never think of it.”

Then it struck her at that moment; her daughter’s reminder applied to more than music. Then this woman whispered a prayer to God saying: “ Lord, help me turn on a Thanksgiving mix in my heart each and every day.” Jesus gave a consistent example of gratitude during His time on this earth. Scripture records several instances where He gave thanks. In Matthew 15 it says: “Then Jesus took the seven loaves of bread and the fish, and when he had given thanks, he broke them and gave them to the disciples and they in turn to the people.” Jesus demonstrates a thankful heart for the miracle God was about to supply – before it even unfolded. Friends, we don’t have to wait until prayers are answered the way we wish, before we express thankfulness.

We don’t have to wait for special occasions and holidays. Like Jesus, we can give thanks during our everyday living and during the anticipation of blessings to come. So friends, let’s set the music of our souls on a selection of appreciation, contentment, and happiness and hear it play all day long. And friends, watch for opportunities to give thanks at various moments throughout your day.

                                              Love,  Pastor Ken