On the “Three Sides” podcast ELCA, Sept. 6, 2018), Wendy Davidson, a leader at the Kellogg Company, shares how her Christianity informs her work. Because her adult faith emerged from several denominational influences, she considers variety to be a strength, not only spiritually but throughout life. Davidson encourages her co-workers to bring their unique personalities and ideas to the table to create a metaphorical salad. “It doesn’t mean that the salad now becomes one homogenous blob; it is still distinctly the flavors of the salad ingredients,” she says. “But they’ve all found a way to come together to make something that much more flavorful than they could have been all on their own.” Viewing church and our communities this way could be transformative. What if we welcome different people, invite ideas and resist melding everything into one giant blob? Then we can savor each “ingredient” and the resulting gourmet dish. Delicious!




You’ve given me a priceless gift, I handle with great care.

The golden gift of friendship so wonderful and fair.

Because of this, I’m wiser, and I think I’m kinder too.

How many things to life I missed, Dear Friend, till I met you.

I never knew the glory that surrounds God’s earth and skies. Until one day I learned to see true beauty

through your eyes.

The gentleness that’s part of you is like the flowers that grow,

Making life more beautiful through days that come and go.

You bring a warmth of deep content and understanding too.

O Friend of mine, I didn’t know what friendship was

……. Till You!

Grace Easley

   March 2019   
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