January 2020  
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The Congregational and Corporation meeting will be held on

Sunday, January 26, 2020 following worship.

Any church group that includes a financial and/or committee report in the end of the year booklet should have them into Sue in the church office by Sunday, January 12th . They may be given to Sue or sent to: dpcsecretary1@verizon.net


The Story Behind Epiphany

Epiphany is the Christian festival celebrated each year on January 6. Along with Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, it is one of the oldest Christian holy days.   The festival was first celebrated in the Eastern Church (Orthodox) and was adopted in the Western church by the fourth century. Epiphany commemorates the first “showing forth” or manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles, particularly the Magi or Wise Men. Epiphany story is meant to explain that Christ was not just for the Jews, but for non-Jews (Gentiles) as well, anywhere in the world.

The eve of Epiphany is called Twelfth Night and relates to the arrival of the Wise Men from the East at the birthplace of the Lord in Bethlehem.



After Christmas

There is a story of a father who ordered a kit for a tree house as a Christmas gift for his son. Late Christmas Eve, as he tried to put the pieces together, he discovered to his dismay that he had received a kit for a sailboat. His letter of complaint to the company brought this reply in January:

"While we regret the inconvenience this mistake must have caused you, it is nothing compared to that of the person out on a lake somewhere trying to sail your tree house." -                                                                                                                                         Anonymous